Policy for Medical Reimbursement

The Council took up concerns expressed from various quarters regarding injuries which may occur during training sessions/matches and related expenditure towards cost of medical treatment including hospitality if any.

Information received from various centre heads that these issues are being raised by parents in Consultative Committee meetings and the Council took up the issue and decided to frame a policy.

Over the last 3 years there were no major injuries reported from GFDC Grassroot centres, however since September 2015; three cases were reported. This issue was deliberated at length by the Council. The Council also took into consideration frequency of occurrence of such cases over the last 3 years and thereafter decided to examine financial implication, for insuring all the trainees from the Grassroot centres as well as meeting the cost of medical treatment of the individual cases without insurance.

On comparison, it was found that two options for medical insurance were available:

  1. Limited Cover (Injury Only)
Per trainee cost Total trainees cost
Rs 150 + tax for Sum Insured Rs.50,000/- Rs. 150 x 3000 (trainees) = Rs 4,50,000/-
Rs. 250 + tax for Sum Insured Rs.1,00,000/- Rs. 250 x 3000 (trainees) = Rs 7,50,000/-


  1. Wide Cover (Illness and Injury)
Per trainee cost Total trainees cost
Rs 300 + tax for Sum Insured Rs.50,000/- Rs. 300 x 3000 (trainees) = Rs 9,00,000/-
Rs. 350 + tax for Sum Insured Rs.1,00,000/- Rs. 350 x 3000 (trainees) = Rs 10,50,000/-


From the comparison study, the Council came to a well considered decision that; it is not financially viable & cost effective to have either Limited Insurance Cover or Wide Insurance Cover for all 3000 trainees from GFDC Grassroot centres as the occurrence of injuries was rare or remote. A case from Benaulim centre was also considered by the Council wherein one trainee got injured while training and subsequently the treatment for the injury lead to the discovery of terminal illness. Council took into consideration the immense financial cost of treatment of such illness.

From this considered view the Council decided on the following medical policy:

  1. In case of an injury which would include hospitalization or otherwise; the council will be bear the entire expenditure of the injury on cost to cost basis.
  2. In case of terminal illness the council will provide one time financial assistance of Rs. 1 Lakh to the trainee concerned.

The benefits that have been availed thus far are:

Sr.no Centre Amount paid
1 Siolim Rs.7,450/-
2 Moira Rs.7,968/-
3 Savoiverem Rs.2,207/-
Rs. 17625/-