1) Why contract needs to be signed?
It is a proof of admission of trainee into the Centre/Pre-Academy. It also clearly indicates what are the deliverables and obligations of GFDC towards trainee and what are the obligation of trainee and guardian.
2) What are the benefits to trainee after signing the contract?
Trainee becomes officially registered in the centre and eligible to all facilities that are provided.
3) Why contract period is of 5 years?
GFDC wants to train, wants to impart proper coaching to the admitted students and provide a platform to develop and grow from grass root level to youth level with all inclusive growth.
4) What Opportunities trainee will get if he excel?
The best trainees from the grass-root centre can get promoted to pre-academy level and best trainee can get selected on merit into the Academy.
5) What if the child is unable to attend the football coaching when child is in SSC/HSSC?
The child can fully devote his or her time to study for SSC/HSSC with or without attending training. However the trainee remains bounds by the terms and conditions of the contract.
6) Whether the child can go outside the state to play for Club/Association?
Yes, provided prior permission given by GFDC.
7) What will happen if child goes abroad?
The child is free to go abroad and permission from GFDC is not required. However if the child wants to play for any team or join any football development program he will need NOC from GFDC.
8) Under what condition the parent may have to reimburse in case of violation of contract?
If parent or trainee violets any terms or condition of contract.
9) What will be the amount that parent would have to reimburse?
The expenditure made by GFDC to the trainee from date of admission till the date of violation of contract.
10) Whether the council has a power to terminate the contract?
Yes, even without assigning any reason. However notice will be issued and fair chance will be given to trainee/parent to explain his/her side of the story and a final decision will be taken after considering reply form trainee.
11) Whether the child can play for Country/State/ Association/ Club and School?
The child is free to play for/represent the Country, State or School and no permission is required from GFDC. But if he or she wants to play for any Association/Club, prior NOC from GFDC is mandatory. This is for the duration of a contract i.e. for 5 years.
12) Whether the child needs NOC to play outside the country during the course of 5 years?
13) Whether the Medical expenditure of a child will be borne by GFDC in case the child suffers from injury during coaching, training and playing?
Yes, GFDC will bear entire cost of medical treatment including hospitalization.