1. To advise the Government on all matters concerning the Sport of Football.
  2. To coordinate and harmoniously complement the activities of the AIFF, the GFA, the SAG, local governing bodies such as municipalities, Zilla Parishads and Panchayats, organizations promoting Football and other Government authorities and Departments.
  3. To recommend to the Government release of financial and other assistance to organizations promoting Football.
  4. To conceive, draw up and ensure implementation of development plans for the promotion of football and improvement of activities and standards in Football within the State.
  5. To monitor and report to the Government on existing schemes for the promotion of Football in the State.
  6. To conceive, initiate, undertake, sponsor, stimulate and encourage Research and Development in Sports and Football related medicines, bio-chemistry, psychology and other allied sciences.
  7. To conceive, plan and implement Football development centres at convenient places in Goa to promote Football with special emphasis on development of football in notified districts, talukas and other areas.
  8. To initiate, sponsor and encourage research in Football equipment in Goa including but not limited to the production and/or manufacture of standard add specialized Football equipment.
  9. To conceive, plan and ensure implementation of Football infrastructure by way of playgrounds, ancillary buildings and other facilities within the State.
  10. To conceive and ensure implementation of welfare schemes for retired Football players, coaches, referees and administrators.
  11. To advise the Government on all matter relating promotion of Football, on improvement of Football standards, on other matters related to or impacting Football in the State and on other matters which it may like to recommend on its own to the Government and other departments and authorities.
  12. To organize seminars, conferences etc., on different aspects of Football at State, National and International level.
  13. To assist the SAG, the GFA, and other authorities and departments at the Centre and State in implementing schemes for Football.
  14. To do all such acts as it may be directed to perform by the Government for furtherance of the Sport of Football in Goa.